Grid'Mip: the Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées Experimental Platform for Cluster and Grid Computing

Grid'Mip is the Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées Site of

Laboratoire de Biotechnologie

 et  Amélioration des Plantes

Status of the Grid'Mip experimental Platform


Grid'Mip has received funding for installing a large cluster at CICT. The first part of the cluster was installed in October 2004 with funding from the following institutions in 2004 and 2005 :

A major upgrade occured end of 2007 with the support of the PRAI program (joined funding of FEDER and Midi-Pyrénées Region) for installing 140 bi-pro / bi-cores computational nodes organized into one large 80 node cluster and three 20 nodes clusters.

This is a picture of the new clusters installed in CICT based on SUN Fire X2200 nodes.


Characteristics of the whole configuration:

The Grid'5000 initiative


The proposal from Grid'Mip (the consortium in Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées for Grids has been selected by the French Ministry of Research (ACI GRID) to be one of the 9 nodes of the Grid'5000 computing infrastructure.

The Grid'5000 project aims at building a highly reconfigurable, controlable and monitorable experimental Grid platform gathering 9 sites geographically distributed in France featuring a total of 5000 processors. The main purpose of this platform is to serve as an experimental testbed for research in Grid Computing. This project is one initiative of the French ACI Grid incentive which provides a large part of Grid'5000 funding on behalf of the French Ministry of Research & Education.

Grid'5000 is a research effort developping a large scale nation wide infrastructure for Grid research. 17 laboratories are involved, nation wide, in the objective of providing the community of Grid researchers a testbed allowing experiments in all the software layers between the network protocols up to the applications. The current plans are to assemble a physical platform featuring 9 local platform (at least one cluster per site), each with 100 to a thousand PCs, connected by the RENATER Education and Research Network. All clusters will be connected to Renater with a 10Gb/s link (or at least 1 Gb/s, when 10Gb/s is not available yet). This high collaborative research effort is funded by the French ministry of Education and Research, INRIA, CNRS, the Universities of all sites and several regional councils.

More details can be found at Grid'5000 web site.

The Grid'Mip Research Projects

Grid'Mip initially involved the following organizations:

Since the beginning of the Project several organizations have joined the set of partners below. The main objective of the project is to provide the community of Grid researchers in France with an experimental platform for their research, fully configurable for each experiment. The scope of the experiment that could be conducted on Grid’5000 covers all the software stack layers between the user and the Grid hardware (clusters and networks). Typically a Grid researcher will be able to configure the platform with its favourite network protocols, OS kernel and distribution, middleware, runtimes and applications and run experiments on this setting. Grid’5000 will also provide a set of software tools to allow easy experiment preparation, run and control, and fast experiment turn around.

The experiments currently envisioned by the Grid’5000 participants concern: high speed network protocol design and evaluation, operating system adaptation and improvement in the perspective of a single system image for Grids, adding sandboxing and virtualisation in OS for the Grid, testing the benefit of object oriented middleware for application coupling, evaluating a large variety of fault tolerance techniques at the runtime level, testing application gridification, evaluating novel algorithms for High Performance Computing on the Grid.

To learn more about Grid'5000:

Overview of research projects on the Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées site:

The local GRID'5000 committee involves:



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